About Us – A Grassroots Campaign For Europe In Lewisham West And Penge

One Saturday morning in Penge

For me, the turning point was wearing my standard “Vote Remain, June 23rd” tee shirt for the Crystal Palace Parkrun, Saturday August 25th.  Always a good conversation starter, but this time it was Calix, asking me if I too thought the tide was turning.  Of course, and I invited him to come down to the Day of Action organised later in Penge High Street

Thanks to Dave for this film, and the spontaneous support from Pengista Drummers!
That was organised by Bromley and Europe United for Europe, a grouping of other grassroots groups in the two boroughs.  Afterwards we decided there was a role for a group focusing on the constituency of Lewisham West and Penge, linking not just the national organisations campaigning against Brexit, but also local groups across the spectrum.

Calix is a member of the Labour Party, but I’m not a member of any party. Here we want to get across the simple message that Brexit is a bad idea, but it’s not too late to do something about it. The more clearly that message comes from the grassroots – the sorts of people politicians don’t normally expect to see putting their names to open letters, handing out leaflets, or helping on street stalls, the more courage they will have to do something about it.

We now have this growing mailing list, experienced volunteers thinking about how we use Twitter, and a basic web site here

Lewisham West and Penge in Europe

Soon after sending our open letter to Ellie Reeves, MP, she came out with a clear backing for a People’s Vote.  Before long we’ll be emailing you soon asking for support in another People’s Vote Day of Action, this time in Sydenham, Saturday September 29th.

We’ll try send you some more about us later, and post it on line, but the best way to learn about a grassroots group is to meet face to face, so hoping to see you this coming Saturday!

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