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Please email Ellie Reeves, MP ahead of our meeting with her next Thursday.

Following tweeting her backing for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit, we have a meeting arranged with Ellie Reeves, MP, next Thursday.  For us the point of the meeting is to show her just how right she was to do so, and that this is something on which her constituents are prepared to organise like on nothing else. The message won’t just be for her, but for her colleagues in Parliament. We want her to be saying to them that this is what can happen – effective grass roots campaigns will be popping up in their constituencies too, and that the next People’s Vote March, Saturday October 20th, is going to be huge.

To help us, can you either email her to congratulate her on coming out in support of a People’s Vote, or let us know you have already done so.   We have set up an option on the form where you can always update your preferences where you can say  either that you have already congratulated her, or just that you’ve not yet got round to it.

Click this link to get started, but add your own reasons, and details confirming that you are a constituent.  If you’re on Twitter, just reply to Ellie here, and include our twitter handle as well – @pengewest.

“We Want the Final Say”, this Saturday am, Penge

We’re focusing on the People’s Vote campaign, but there are many other anti-Berxit campaign groups, nationally and locally.  One of the most dynamic is “We want the Final Say”, jointly organised by ‘Best for Britain” and Hope not Hate.  They are meeting this coming Saturday, 10.30 to 12.30 at the Goldsmiths Arms, Penge.  We’ll be there.
Follow this link to let them know you’ll be there too

Getting Ready for the March, Saturday October 20th.

Thinking about the upcoming People’s Vote March, we’re also asking if you will be going, and the station you would most likely be going from to go on the march, so that you can meet up with other people going along.  Use this same update your preferences link for these.  For more on the March, visit the main national site

Twitter, Facebook and more …

We would like to follow you, like and share your social media posting on Brexit.  Can you help us by  updating your preferences with your Twitter account if you have one, and let us know if you would like to join our Facebook group.  Are there other social media you use to share your views on Brexit?


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