March, March , March On The 20th To Stop Brexit

This March matters

This march is the most important yet because it will sway wavering MPs before the final Autumn votes. If you wait for the next march it will be too late.

Public and parliamentary opinion is finally shifting. Everyone is talking of a People’s Vote and now is the time we can make a difference. Commentators like Robert Preston say the chances of a People’s Vote are now 50/50. It can happen but it will only happen if we make our voice heard.

What you can do:

Come on the march with us. We will be at Forest Hill, Sydenham and Crystal Palace Stations at 11.00 on the day, wearing People’s Vote tee shirts and the like. Update your preferences below to let us know you’ll be coming, and from which station.

Write and talk to family and friends who support Remain. Personal messages are by far the best, even if you have to copy and paste part of the message to save time.  Convince them now is the time to act. They don’t need to become heavily involved with our movement, but if they really care about avoiding a disastrous Brexit they need to march on the 20th.

Let them know remain marches are fun, inclusive and very safe for all the family, and if you let us know you’re coming, we can put you in touch with others  who are going so it will be a fun day out.  The last march was the first my wife had ever been on.  Nothing to be frightened of!

And then, ask your friends to spread the word, forwarding them this email with the link to sign up to our mailing list below

Thank you so much for all of you who are leafleting and talking to people at local stations. You are making a real difference. But, please don’t forget using personal contact to convince family and friends to march is just as important.

Finally, wear the tee shirts, show the EU flag as much as you can. This afternoon I passed the house of an old friend, and saw the EU flag prominently in his window.  So I rang the bell to tell him what we were doing.  “Absolutely – I’ll do whatever I can”. A few minutes later I saw someone wearing an EU flag head band, so she too now on our mailing list.

Tim and Calix

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