Telling People About The March Next Saturday, October 20th

Do your friends and neighbours know about the march?

It’s been an exciting few days, including a meeting yesterday with Ellie Reeves, MP.  More on that below, but now the priority is to make sure people know about the march Saturday, October 20th. It’s easy, caught up in this campaign, to think everyone else does know about it, but they don’t.  This march will be different because there will be so many ordinary people on it, who normally would never think of marching, or waving placards. Just mentioning the march to people you know will be the best way of getting the message out. If you know people working in your local high street who feel strongly about this, ask them if they would be able to put up a poster.  Here’s a link to A4 and A3 pdfs for printing out:

There will be groups setting off at 11.00 from Sydenham and Forest Hill, and probably other stations.  On this link to update your preferences there are options to say whether you will be coming, and which station you’ll be coming from.

Leafleting this evening, and next week

I’m just about to head out to Sydenham Station to do some leafleting, which will be fun, because we can now show people what the Brexit Dividend looks like

There’ll also be volunteers this evening at Crystal Palace, and next week Forest Hill.  Let us know if you’d like to help with some leafleting too, either replying to this email, or updating your preferences here.

Meeting Ellie Reeves, MP

Next Thursday, October 18th, the Sydenham Labour Party is holding an open meeting at which Ellie Reeves will be talking about her first 16 months as an MP.  It’s at 8.00 pm, the Sydenham Centre, 44a Sydenham Road, easily accessed by 75, 194 & 202 buses, and a few minutes walk from Sydenham Station. Brexit has to loom large, and we will be there, but there are other important issues Ellie will want to speak about, and others will want to hear her on.

However, following our meeting with her yesterday, we are working on another open meeting focusing on Brexit, at which she will speak, along with a non party political selection of local figures with special interest and expertise.  We have a provisional date and venue, and hope to have things firmed up by the meeting next Thursday.


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