Tomorrow’s March – 11.06 / 11.09 Sydenham / Forest Hill, 12.00 Hyde Park Corner

See you tomorrow!

There’s no question this is a critical time for Brexit, so this is the time to make our voices heard.

12.00 by the Statue of Achilles, Queen Elizabeth Gate, Hyde Park, is the meet up for Lewisham West & Penge in Europe, and other grassroots groups in Bromley & Lewisham United for Europe.  Janet Daby, MP for Lewisham East, several local councillors, and someone from the offoce of oue MP, Ellie Reeves.  Having come out for a People’s Vote, she’ll be with us in spirit, but she has a small kid, and led a House of Commons debates on making it more friendly for parents, so family comes first tomorrow.

We’ll have ‘station captains’ at Sydenham, getting on the 11.06 Overground, and at Forest Hill when it gets there at 11.09.  Doubtless there’ll be more getting on at Crystal Palace and Honor Oak, and coming in by at other times, and by other services from other stations.  It would be great to make contact.

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