Congratulations To Everyone In Lewisham West And Penge In Europe

We all need to congratulate ourselves

We were part of one of the biggest marches London has ever seen. Hard working families marched alongside people from all corners of the United Kingdom. No longer can they call us an elite.

It’s time to take stock of what we’ve achieved as Lewisham West and Penge in Europe within the space of less than two months.

1) We now have well over local 100 members of our group, including many active volunteers.

2) We’ve encouraged 100s more local people to march by blitzing stations and via street stalls using our fake money!

3) We have lobbied our MP successfully. She has come out for a People’s Vote and engaged with our group. She has agreed to a meeting on Brexit, 13th December. Details will be announced shortly, but keep this in your diaries.

4) We have made local contacts between people of all parties and no party. We have shared our enthusiasm in our community and worked together. When this Brexit business is over our society will be a more cooperative place.

Grassroots campaigns don’t start off with any formal constitution, but we’ll be doing something about this, and inviting you to an inaugural meeting, and elect a committee.  As your provisional committee, we will be meeting soon in order to decide ways to  build further on our success. The march was a significant step forward, but we must keep the pressure up.

Please get in contact with us if you have ideas for our local campaign or if you want to share more photos of the  march – some of ours below

Best Wishes

Calix, Tim and Tiziana

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