What Happens Next?

Now let’s meet – and bring your friends

670,000 people marching in Central London has sent a message that no one in UK politics can ignore, however much some may want to.  Here, in Lewisham West and Penge in Europe, we want to build a local group to keep that message coming through loud and clear.

Who knows what will happen next.  Some grassroots groups are already talking about needing to be ready for another referendum, which would mean us having to set ourselves with a constitution.  We’d also like to affiliate with national organisations, and help get their support locally.  So we have set up a bank account, and a website, and are on the way to affiliating with the European Movement.

The website is lewishamwpenge.eu – we couldn’t resist registering a .eu domain name! – and you’ll find there our draft constitution.  Our members will be subscribers to our mailing list, so you will all be invited to an inaugural meeting.  So, first question, would you in principle like to come, and are there any  ways you would like to help?  The formal part of the meeting should be brief – the main point will be to get to know each other, and share ideas on how to keep up the pro Europe message.

The website is still under construction, but you will also find ideas and links to other groups campaigning against Brexit – there are lots of them.  Get active with any of them, sign up to the emails, podcasts, Twitter feeds, and tell us which you find most inspiring.

Are people you know still talking about Brexit?

We all know Brexit is a very sensitive subject, and a lot of the time we avoid the subject with friends and family.  This is not healthy, and as pro EU campaigners, we need to find a way to help get constructive conversations going again.  You can help here by letting us know of any ways you have found working.  Grassroots groups such as ours are meeting, and feeding into the main national campaigns, so what are you hearing on the ground?  Why sorts of reasons are people giving for their positions on Brexit, and is there anything we can see making positions change?

Panel meeting with Ellie Reeves, MP

We are now looking for a rescheduled date for a panel meeting with Ellie Reeves, MP, to talk about why she has come out for a People’s Vote.  We don’t want this to be just a rally for people who already support a People’s Vote, and we’re looking to get at least one panelist who can raise the questions of those who oppose it. If you have friends or family who’re not sure about Brexit, but you don’t want to get into all the arguments with them, would they like to hear Ellie explain her thinking on the matter? It would be good to have a spread of opinions in the audience, as well as the panel.  To help us planning this meeting, we would like to know what questions you would like to ask her, and what sort of fellow panelists would you like to answer other questions you have?


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