Congratulations To Everyone In Lewisham West And Penge In Europe

We all need to congratulate ourselves

We were part of one of the biggest marches London has ever seen. Hard working families marched alongside people from all corners of the United Kingdom. No longer can they call us an elite.

It’s time to take stock of what we’ve achieved as Lewisham West and Penge in Europe within the space of less than two months.

1) We now have well over local 100 members of our group, including many active volunteers.

2) We’ve encouraged 100s more local people to march by blitzing stations and via street stalls using our fake money!

3) We have lobbied our MP successfully. She has come out for a People’s Vote and engaged with our group. She has agreed to a meeting on Brexit, 13th December. Details will be announced shortly, but keep this in your diaries.

4) We have made local contacts between people of all parties and no party. We have shared our enthusiasm in our community and worked together. When this Brexit business is over our society will be a more cooperative place.

Grassroots campaigns don’t start off with any formal constitution, but we’ll be doing something about this, and inviting you to an inaugural meeting, and elect a committee.  As your provisional committee, we will be meeting soon in order to decide ways to  build further on our success. The march was a significant step forward, but we must keep the pressure up.

Please get in contact with us if you have ideas for our local campaign or if you want to share more photos of the  march – some of ours below

Best Wishes

Calix, Tim and Tiziana

Tomorrow’s March – 11.06 / 11.09 Sydenham / Forest Hill, 12.00 Hyde Park Corner

See you tomorrow!

There’s no question this is a critical time for Brexit, so this is the time to make our voices heard.

12.00 by the Statue of Achilles, Queen Elizabeth Gate, Hyde Park, is the meet up for Lewisham West & Penge in Europe, and other grassroots groups in Bromley & Lewisham United for Europe.  Janet Daby, MP for Lewisham East, several local councillors, and someone from the offoce of oue MP, Ellie Reeves.  Having come out for a People’s Vote, she’ll be with us in spirit, but she has a small kid, and led a House of Commons debates on making it more friendly for parents, so family comes first tomorrow.

We’ll have ‘station captains’ at Sydenham, getting on the 11.06 Overground, and at Forest Hill when it gets there at 11.09.  Doubtless there’ll be more getting on at Crystal Palace and Honor Oak, and coming in by at other times, and by other services from other stations.  It would be great to make contact.

Tomorrow’s Meeting (18 Oct)

Thank you all so much for spreading the word about the march. We’re confident we’ll have a really big turn-out.

As you probably know Ellie Reeves will have an open meeting at Sydenham Centre (by the Post Office) at 8pm tomorrow.

I realise many of you will be busy but please come if you have time or tell Remainer friends.

We want to ask as many anti-Brexit questions as possible so she gets just how strongly her constituents feel. Remember she has come out for a People’s Vote but we want her to dedicate herself to persuading her colleagues that this is the vital issue of our times.

In my view, when asking questions the more personal the better. For instance, you may want to ask about how your business will survive, or how your school will cope without EU assistants and teachers, or your mother’s nursing home etc.

I hope to see some of you tomorrow and others on Saturday.

Best Wishes


Telling People About The March Next Saturday, October 20th

Do your friends and neighbours know about the march?

It’s been an exciting few days, including a meeting yesterday with Ellie Reeves, MP.  More on that below, but now the priority is to make sure people know about the march Saturday, October 20th. It’s easy, caught up in this campaign, to think everyone else does know about it, but they don’t.  This march will be different because there will be so many ordinary people on it, who normally would never think of marching, or waving placards. Just mentioning the march to people you know will be the best way of getting the message out. If you know people working in your local high street who feel strongly about this, ask them if they would be able to put up a poster.  Here’s a link to A4 and A3 pdfs for printing out:

There will be groups setting off at 11.00 from Sydenham and Forest Hill, and probably other stations.  On this link to update your preferences there are options to say whether you will be coming, and which station you’ll be coming from.

Leafleting this evening, and next week

I’m just about to head out to Sydenham Station to do some leafleting, which will be fun, because we can now show people what the Brexit Dividend looks like

There’ll also be volunteers this evening at Crystal Palace, and next week Forest Hill.  Let us know if you’d like to help with some leafleting too, either replying to this email, or updating your preferences here.

Meeting Ellie Reeves, MP

Next Thursday, October 18th, the Sydenham Labour Party is holding an open meeting at which Ellie Reeves will be talking about her first 16 months as an MP.  It’s at 8.00 pm, the Sydenham Centre, 44a Sydenham Road, easily accessed by 75, 194 & 202 buses, and a few minutes walk from Sydenham Station. Brexit has to loom large, and we will be there, but there are other important issues Ellie will want to speak about, and others will want to hear her on.

However, following our meeting with her yesterday, we are working on another open meeting focusing on Brexit, at which she will speak, along with a non party political selection of local figures with special interest and expertise.  We have a provisional date and venue, and hope to have things firmed up by the meeting next Thursday.


March, March , March On The 20th To Stop Brexit

This March matters

This march is the most important yet because it will sway wavering MPs before the final Autumn votes. If you wait for the next march it will be too late.

Public and parliamentary opinion is finally shifting. Everyone is talking of a People’s Vote and now is the time we can make a difference. Commentators like Robert Preston say the chances of a People’s Vote are now 50/50. It can happen but it will only happen if we make our voice heard.

What you can do:

Come on the march with us. We will be at Forest Hill, Sydenham and Crystal Palace Stations at 11.00 on the day, wearing People’s Vote tee shirts and the like. Update your preferences below to let us know you’ll be coming, and from which station.

Write and talk to family and friends who support Remain. Personal messages are by far the best, even if you have to copy and paste part of the message to save time.  Convince them now is the time to act. They don’t need to become heavily involved with our movement, but if they really care about avoiding a disastrous Brexit they need to march on the 20th.

Let them know remain marches are fun, inclusive and very safe for all the family, and if you let us know you’re coming, we can put you in touch with others  who are going so it will be a fun day out.  The last march was the first my wife had ever been on.  Nothing to be frightened of!

And then, ask your friends to spread the word, forwarding them this email with the link to sign up to our mailing list below

Thank you so much for all of you who are leafleting and talking to people at local stations. You are making a real difference. But, please don’t forget using personal contact to convince family and friends to march is just as important.

Finally, wear the tee shirts, show the EU flag as much as you can. This afternoon I passed the house of an old friend, and saw the EU flag prominently in his window.  So I rang the bell to tell him what we were doing.  “Absolutely – I’ll do whatever I can”. A few minutes later I saw someone wearing an EU flag head band, so she too now on our mailing list.

Tim and Calix

Emailing And Meeting Our MP / “We Want The Final Say” In Penge / Social Media

Please email Ellie Reeves, MP ahead of our meeting with her next Thursday.

Following tweeting her backing for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit, we have a meeting arranged with Ellie Reeves, MP, next Thursday.  For us the point of the meeting is to show her just how right she was to do so, and that this is something on which her constituents are prepared to organise like on nothing else. The message won’t just be for her, but for her colleagues in Parliament. We want her to be saying to them that this is what can happen – effective grass roots campaigns will be popping up in their constituencies too, and that the next People’s Vote March, Saturday October 20th, is going to be huge.

To help us, can you either email her to congratulate her on coming out in support of a People’s Vote, or let us know you have already done so.   We have set up an option on the form where you can always update your preferences where you can say  either that you have already congratulated her, or just that you’ve not yet got round to it.

Click this link to get started, but add your own reasons, and details confirming that you are a constituent.  If you’re on Twitter, just reply to Ellie here, and include our twitter handle as well – @pengewest.

“We Want the Final Say”, this Saturday am, Penge

We’re focusing on the People’s Vote campaign, but there are many other anti-Berxit campaign groups, nationally and locally.  One of the most dynamic is “We want the Final Say”, jointly organised by ‘Best for Britain” and Hope not Hate.  They are meeting this coming Saturday, 10.30 to 12.30 at the Goldsmiths Arms, Penge.  We’ll be there.
Follow this link to let them know you’ll be there too

Getting Ready for the March, Saturday October 20th.

Thinking about the upcoming People’s Vote March, we’re also asking if you will be going, and the station you would most likely be going from to go on the march, so that you can meet up with other people going along.  Use this same update your preferences link for these.  For more on the March, visit the main national site

Twitter, Facebook and more …

We would like to follow you, like and share your social media posting on Brexit.  Can you help us by  updating your preferences with your Twitter account if you have one, and let us know if you would like to join our Facebook group.  Are there other social media you use to share your views on Brexit?


Sydenham This Saturday, The Place To Be!

Sydenham this Saturday, the place to be!

Quick reminder that we’ll be have a Day of Action tomorrow in Sydenham – outside the Sydenham Centre, 44 Sydenham Road, 10.30 to 14.30.

If you want share it on social media, here it is as a Facebook event

and here is the page for it on the People’s Vote campaign

The main idea is to get more people signing up to the petition for a People’s Vote

We, the undersigned, demand a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

but also about building up a local network of campaigners. As people already signed up, it would still be great to see you, and if you can put on a People’s Vote tee shirt to help on the day (the running gear is optional)

then there’ll be a tab at the On The Hoof cafe over the road for a coffee, or tea.

It will also be a good opportunity to put faces to names, and talk about possible actions in other part of Lewisham West and Penge

If you don’t know Sydenham, well, there are some decent shops here, and the newly reopened Greyhound is well worth a visit


About Us – A Grassroots Campaign For Europe In Lewisham West And Penge

One Saturday morning in Penge

For me, the turning point was wearing my standard “Vote Remain, June 23rd” tee shirt for the Crystal Palace Parkrun, Saturday August 25th.  Always a good conversation starter, but this time it was Calix, asking me if I too thought the tide was turning.  Of course, and I invited him to come down to the Day of Action organised later in Penge High Street

Thanks to Dave for this film, and the spontaneous support from Pengista Drummers!
That was organised by Bromley and Europe United for Europe, a grouping of other grassroots groups in the two boroughs.  Afterwards we decided there was a role for a group focusing on the constituency of Lewisham West and Penge, linking not just the national organisations campaigning against Brexit, but also local groups across the spectrum.

Calix is a member of the Labour Party, but I’m not a member of any party. Here we want to get across the simple message that Brexit is a bad idea, but it’s not too late to do something about it. The more clearly that message comes from the grassroots – the sorts of people politicians don’t normally expect to see putting their names to open letters, handing out leaflets, or helping on street stalls, the more courage they will have to do something about it.

We now have this growing mailing list, experienced volunteers thinking about how we use Twitter, and a basic web site here

Lewisham West and Penge in Europe

Soon after sending our open letter to Ellie Reeves, MP, she came out with a clear backing for a People’s Vote.  Before long we’ll be emailing you soon asking for support in another People’s Vote Day of Action, this time in Sydenham, Saturday September 29th.

We’ll try send you some more about us later, and post it on line, but the best way to learn about a grassroots group is to meet face to face, so hoping to see you this coming Saturday!

Ellie Reeves Backs The People’s Vote

A big thank you to those who signed our letter!

We emailed our letter to Ellie with the first few signatures last Tuesday, and then with a whole lot more of your names added on Friday. She got back immediately to Calix, who’d drafted the letter, linking to this, which her Twitter and Facebook followers will have seen already:

She’s looking now to set up a meeting a meeting with us – we’ll keep you informed.

In the meantime, share some of the love with her:


twitter: @EllieReeves

facebook: @EllieReevesMP