Letter to Ellie Reeves in advance of the Labour Conference 23 September 2018:

Dear Ellie Reeves

People’s Vote on Brexit

We are writing as constituents of Lewisham West and Penge. We want to express our shared views against Brexit before you go to Conference.

We are deeply concerned about the looming Brexit crisis. We are worried for our community and our country. We now know there is no such thing as a good Brexit. Individuals will suffer, families will suffer, services will suffer and community cohesion will suffer. The very people who your party champion will suffer the most, and many natural Labour voters are unable to vote for you under current circumstances.

Our constituency overwhelmingly backed Remain in 2016. As you know the local and national backing of Remain has grown since then and the evidence against Brexit is mounting, and overwhelming.

We ask you to explicitly and publicly reject Brexit. In our opinion, the only solution is a new public vote with the option to remain. Please do what is right for your constituents and for the country.

Best Wishes

Calix Eden, SE26 6DP

Tim Lund, SE26 4SQ

Tiziana Vitali, SE23 2NE

Frank Ottersbach, SE20 7HW

Sarah McMorrow, SE23 3RP

Greg Orford, SE23 2AR

Nicola Meyrick, SE20 7EG

Rachel Molina, SE26 5LJ

David Tomlinson, SE23 4BY

Ruth Dwight, SE26 6LY

Lynne Harris, SE20 7NR

Ed Holloway, SE23 3HG

Laura Tough, SE26 4PD

Andy Tough, SE26 4PD

Ekaterina Kostadintcheva, SE26 6DP

Juliet Simpson, SE23 2AR

Tim Walker, SE23 2QL

Charlotte Patten, SE26 4SQ

Gregory Harrison-Carey, SE23 2JL

David Summers, SE26 6QP

M Orton, SE26 4BZ

Frances Rowe, SE26 4DA

Steve Grindlay, SE26

Chris Dyke, SE20