Letter to Ellie Reeves, MP on the Independent Group

Dear Ellie

We are writing as leading members of Lewisham West & Penge for Europe to clarify our position regarding the new Independent Group of MPs.

We support everything you have both done in recent months to oppose Brexit. You have spoken up in Parliament, led events in your constituency, signed amendments and worked alongside us. Thank you.

As you know, we represent members of all parties and none. Our sole aim is to oppose Brexit and convince as many local people as possible that our cause is worth fighting for. We are happy to work with any party and any individual who shares our purpose.

Despite this consistent stance, we do want to express our sympathy with the new group. One of the principal reasons they have split from their parties is due to the fact neither party is honest about Brexit and the great harm it will do.

Do remind your colleagues in Labour that our backing for you is conditional. If Labour as a party supports or enables Brexit, we will no longer be able to support Labour candidates.

At present Jeremy Corbyn is advocating a non-policy. We believe this is a dereliction of leadership at a crisis period for our country. His favourite parable is the Good Samaritan. His role is surely that of the Priest who walks on the other side. 

There is only one way Labour can rectify this situation. Namely to pledge full support to a People’s Vote and the campaign to Remain.

Your warmly

Calix Eden

Tim Lund

Tiziana Vitali

Polly Wicks

23rd February, 2019