What more can we all do?

Polls show a majority against Brexit, but neither major party yet opposes it, even though there are important groups within both which do. So, as well as grassroots groups such as us, there are many national campaign groups to get involved with.  Here are just some of them, and the political party groups which do oppose Brexit. If there’s a group we’ve missed out, please let us know. We’ll try to get them in a better order, and fill in a bit more about each

The European Movement UK http://www.europeanmovement.co.uk/ For nearly 70 years, The European Movement has led the campaign for a dynamic, popular, integrated and efficient Europe that can deliver jobs, security, prosperity and justice
London For Europe http://www.london4europe.co.uk London section of the European Movement in the UK
Young European Movement http://www.yem.org.uk Britain’s pro-European youth organisation, open for all those under age 35
Britain for Europe https://www.britainforeurope.org/ Britain for Europe is a non-party political, UK-wide organisation that is campaigning for continued UK membership of the EU
Best for Britain/
Hope Not Hate
https://www.bestforbritain.org/ We are fighting to keep the UK open to EU membership.
Open Britain https://www.open-britain.co.uk/ Open Britain is leading the fight against a hard, destructive Brexit
People’s Vote https://www.peoples-vote.uk/ The Brexit elite can’t sort out this mess –
only you can: demand a People’s Vote’
SODEM https://sodemaction.co.uk/ Protesting daily outside parliament
myeu.uk myeu.uk/ Find out what  has the EU done for your area
Our Future Our Choice ofoc.co.uk
For our Future’s Sake ffsakes.uk/ group of students and young people across the UK, working together to Stop Brexit.
Scientists for EU
Healthier In
Remainer Now
Another Europe anothereurope.org/ A grassroots pressure group consisting of Labour members, Greens and independents making the case for a socialist future within Europe.
Labour for People’s Vote labourpeoplesvote.org
Conservatives for People’s Vote conservatives4pv.uk/
Liberal Democrats www.libdems.org.uk
Green Party campaigns.greenparty.org.uk